Coronavirus Tracker

As a way to evaluate the risk that the Novel Coronavirus poses to your business, I have created a tracker for the confirmed virus cases from the 4 largest non-China reporting countries. This is based on information from various official government sources with raw data regarding the infections, and I will be updating this daily as long as this situation persists.

At this point it is interesting to note that the rise in reported cases across different countries is largely staying in sync, which speaks to both the transmissibility of the virus and probably the latency of infected individuals showing signs of infection (and potentially infecting others).

While the risk in the US continues to be low, this is certainly indicative of the need to maintain awareness and make sure that your pandemic work plans are up to date, in particular how you will maintain operations with people working remote from home should it escalate to that point.

The link to the daily tracker is available here:

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