McAfee Labs Threats Report August 2019

Available at:

Key report takeaways:

  • Ransomware attacks grew by 118% in the first quarter of 2019
  • New ransomware malware continues to be developed
  • Cryptojacking, designed to steal credentials, continues to grow
  • IoT grows as a target due to weak security and growing adoption
  • More than 2 billion accounts were exposed in data dumps in the first quarter alone


McAfee’s report highlights the continuing growth and evolution in malware. As defenders develop new tools to address existing malware, attackers evolve malware to exploit new vulnerabilities and try different attack vectors. For example, the report highlights the continuing use of RDP as an attack vector based on new and existing vulnerabilities in that protocol, as well as the exploding use of PowerShell as part of malware packages.

An interesting component to the report is a discussion on what McAfee observed when exposing an IoT honeypot. As I have observed from my own Weekly Internet Weather Reports (with attacks coming every 15 seconds on average), it took practically no time before an attempt was made to compromise the pseudo device.

Any takeaways? Don’t be complacent, try to prevent stupid where possible, take nothing for granted.

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