Russia’s FSB Hacked

A contractor for the Russian intelligence agency (the FSB), was hacked on July 13th. The contractor, SyTech, was evidently involved in developing spy tools for the FSB, including tools to deanonymize TOR traffic, spy on email and penetrate peer-to-peer networks. Reportedly 7.5TB of data was stolen in the hack and has been leaked in part to various hacking groups and news agencies. At this time the SyTech website is down and they are not responding to press inquiries.

Commentary: File this in the “If it can happen to them, it can happen to you” category. No one is invulnerable to being hacked, even the hackers themselves for nation-states.

Likely Threat: Nation-States, Hacktivists
Likely Motive: Espionage, Hacktivism
Likely Means: 8.4 Failing to ensure the security of 3rd parties, ?
Opportunities: TBD – Insufficient information on means

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