ASCO Ransomware Attack

Hot on the heels of Baltimore’s continuing efforts to recover from a ransomware attack, airplane parts manufacturer ASCO has ceased production in factories across four countries due to a ransomware infection reported at its plant in Zaventem, Belgium. As a result, approximately 1,000 of its 1,400 workers have been sent home on paid leave. At this time the type of ransomware they are infected with has not been disclosed, nor whether the ransom has been paid or whether the company is attempting to recover their systems on their own.

Commentary: Another example of how pervasive ransomware attacks have become, and how impactful they can be to businesses that do not consider themselves traditional targets for cyber threats. Any business or organization that relies on computers in their business is a target. Prevention alone will not protect you – organizations need to be ready to deal with and recover from an attack if/when it occurs – including considering the impact it will have on business operations.

Likely Threat(s): Criminals
Likely Motive(s): Extortion
Likely Means: 2.x Attack the endpoints 5.x Attack the servers
Opportunities: Security Awareness Training, IR Planning & Preparation, Information Backups, Malware Protections, Secure Configuration Management

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