Check Point’s 2019 Security Report

Available at:

Key report takeaways:

  • Cybercrime, and in particular targeted attacks (whaling), continue to be the primary motivation of attacks
  • Mobile malware as an avenue of attack will grow in frequency and sophistication
  • Cloud services will be increasingly targeted as companies move data and operations to it
  • Cryptojacking will continue to both be prevalent and largely escape the notice of many organizations
  • AI will start to become a target as AI/ML use grows in business, as a means of corrupting the AI processing for illicit gain
  • Vulnerabilities introduced by IoT will continue to grow as more insecure IoT devices are deployed by consumers and businesses


A good broad survey report of emerging threats and trends, that supports the conclusions of other industry reports. In particular, the malware family descriptions, as well as the review of major attacks of 2018, makes for interesting reading as well as good reference material that can be used in discussions regarding your company’s risk for these events/attacks.

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