2019 Cyber Threat Outlook

Available at: https://www.boozallen.com/c/insight/publication/top-8-cybersecurity-trends-for-2019.html

Key report takeaways (key threats):

  1. Companies in the crosshairs of information warfare 
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) devices broaden state espionage operations  
  3. Chip and PIN may fall short
  4. The weaponization of adware networks 
  5. Deepfakes in the wild—Artificial Intelligence (AI) in information warfare
  6. New Frontiers—the expanding wireless attack surface
  7. State-sponsored threat actors double down on deception 
  8. Water utility targeting bubbles to the  surface


Booz Allen’s industry analysis that goes beyond the traditional summation of breaches and means to look into emerging threat trends, especially the geopolitical aspects of these threats and how they can affect everyone in ways we may not regularly think about. IoT, ICS and Social Media are rapidly growing avenues for attack and exploitation by nation-state actors.

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