Rapid7’s 2018 Fortune 500 Cyber-Exposure Report

Available at: https://www.rapid7.com/info/industry-cyber-exposure-report-fortune-500/

Key report takeaways:

  1. Fortune 500 organizations reviewed expose from 500 to 2500 systems/devices or more to public attack
  2. The average Fortune 500 organization exposes 5-10 telnet or Windows file-sharing services, despite their known vulnerabilities
  3. Of the appraised Fortune 500 organizations, 330 have week or non-existent anti-phishing defenses
  4. The Fortune 500 companies examined exposed which cloud providers they were using, allowing for directed attacks
  5. All industry sectors of the Fortune 500 showed malware compromises, some with daily compromises including resource theft and ransomeware

Impacts to the Heuristic Security model:

Just reaffirms the need to focus on ensuring basic controls and cyber-hygiene first and foremost.

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